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Setting up WebGuy's New "GMail enhanced" Email Service

WebGuy Email Service, enhanced by GMail and Google Aps

New Email Service is "GMail enhanced"

WebGuy Communications is very pleased to announce our new upgraded WebGuy Email 2.0 now enhanced with Google Apps! Our email service combines the technology of GMail with the traditional features of WebGuy's Premier email service, "CallerIDMailâ„¢".

Let's Get Started!

So Many New Features!

  • 2 GIGABYTES of storage PER Email Account!
  • POP Access. Continue to use OutLook just as before!
  • Superior spam filtration powered by GMail
  • Don't Search your email, GOOGLE it! Vastly Improved searchability over OutLook
  • Archive, Star, Label and otherwise organize your email like never before
  • FREE Google Apps:
    • Google Calendar
    • Google Documents
    • Google Spreadsheets
    • and more...
  • Get your mail on the go with your own personalized StartPage
  • ...And Did We Mention: 2 GIGABYTES of storage PER Email Account?

Self Help

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 16 May 2007 )
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