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Mark Mumma, the creative force behind WebGuy Communications is very happily married to Rita Mumma. They have two teenage sons and enjoy volunteer work as a therapy dog handlers with “Bridget”, their 4 year old Whippet and Indiana or "Indy", their new addition.

Together Mark, Rita, Bridget and Indy visit the elderly and bedridden. There’s not much that soothes the soul better than a cold nose and a wagging tail.

A Native Oklahoman and tireless AntiSpam Litigator, Web Designer, Web Host, Email Provider, Computer, Networking, Internet and Streaming Video consultant, Mark Mumma can integrate the internet into your everyday activities saving you time, money and sanity!

Automation through the web can give you back precious minutes of your life that you could otherwise never reclaim.

Image Mark went into business for himself in 1993. Since then he has been involved with designing print advertisements, logos, high quality, full color brochures and other fine print media.

At the turn of the century, the company refocused its primary services to align with the emerging world wide web. While WebGuy.net was Mark’s flag ship business, He lost his business, MummaGraphics, Inc., and all its assets were drained dry by a lengthy and expensive AntiSpam litigation which he subsequently lost.

He attempted to obtain some releif through the courts but instead, the courts saddled him with over $400,000.00 in 'punishment' for bringing his spam claims including the money he's had to pay in attorney fees.

Only in America could this happen.

He thinks enough is enough and we ought to start enforcing the spam laws.


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