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WebGuy’s email servers rarely go down. If you suspect that one of our email servers is down just visit our Network Status page and take a look at email servers 3 or 4 depending on which server your web site is located.

Things to try...

  • Try checking for mail before sending

    If you try to send email before attempting to check for new email, you could be blocked by our mail server until you have successfully checked for new mail. If you have an email in your outbox in Outlook, move it to your drafts folder or delete and try checking for new email again. If you check for new email without getting a password error, try sending email again. If you can now send email, just remember to always check for new email before trying to send an email each time you connect to the Internet with your PC. If you have trouble receiving email, go here.

  • Try using your ISP’s SMTP server

    If you try to send email and get a relaying denied error, try changing your email settings to use your connectivity ISP’s SMTP server. Cox Communication’s SMTP server is smtp.central.cox.net.
    In Outlook,
    • Click Tools and then Accounts (or Email Accounts).
    • XP Users will want to select View or change and then click Next >.
    • DoubleClick your email account or click once and then click Properties.
    • Click the Servers tab.
    • Enter the correct SMTP server into the appropriate form field.
    • Click OK.
    • Click OK (or Finish).

  • Try using WebMail

    Your Business Class web hosting package with WebGuy.net came with WebMail, a web-based, open-source email program that allows you to check your domain email anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connected computer.
    To check webmail,
    • Open a web browser and point it to www.domain.com/webmail where domain.com is replaced with your actual domain name. If this doesn’t work, try the address mail.domain.com/webmail
    • Enter your username and password.
    • Username is most generally your first initial and last name all lowercase.
    • Username and password are both Case Sensistive. (Make sure CAPS LOCK is turned off.)
    • If you do not remember your password, see if you can change your password by visiting the siteadmin section of your web site.

  • Try rebooting your PC

    Although dial-up connections are notorious for going bad, cable connections and DSL connections can become degraded over time as well. You may need to do a Cold Boot (powering completely off) on each of the following pieces of equipment.
    • Reboot your PC. (Power it completely off.)
    • Reboot your cable/DSL modem.
    • Reboot your router or switch.
    When you power each of these items off, leave them unplugged or switched off for several seconds to make sure power completely drains from all the components prior to powering back up.

  • Contact your connectivity ISP

    Make sure the problem isn’t one actually being caused by your ISP. If you cannot pull up other web sites or check other email accounts, you may have an issue with your ISP.

  • Is your domain name expired?

    Your domain name is up for renewal annually. If you have not renewed it in awhile, it may be expired. Double check that your web site is coming up in a web browser to eliminate this possibility. You can check the expiration date of your domain name here.

  • Are you past due on your hosting bill with WebGuy?

    If you web site hosting bill gets more than 15 days late your site can be suspended for non-payment. Double check that your web site is coming up in a web browser to eliminate this possibility. If you get a Forbidden error, you may need to pay your bill.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 08 April 2006 )
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