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CallerIDMail— is available exclusively through WebGuy Communications.

Imagine the convenience of CallerID integrated into your inbox. No more will you wonder if you really subscribed to that cruise line email. With CallerIDMail you will know where spammers got your email address EVERY TIME!

Only WebGuy has it and only WebGuy gives it away on all of our Business Class hosting packages.

Never again will you have to call everyone and tell them that you got a new email address.


  • Unlimited, instant email addresses
  • Easy tracking of each email address used
  • Easy deactivation of any email address that becomes abused
  • Foolproof method of identifying those who abuse your privacy
  • Use tracking method for personal or business email
  • WebMail web-based email system
Call us today about CallerIDMail. It will change the way you use email, forever!

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 February 2006 )
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