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The Web Design Process
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We're not like other Web Guys

We work differently than other web designers. We approach web design radically differently than most professional web designers, weekend warriors or anyone else in between. We don't charge $10 a page like your brother's, girlfriend's uncle who works as a programmer in the IT department at the bank. What does a programmer at a bank know about effective, bleeding edge Internet marketing techniques or a breathtaking web presence? What kind of 'design eye' does a left-brain, programmer have over a right-brain artist?

Unlike the higher end web developers, we don't shoot some outrageous number off the hip for your web site quote. We don't really even do quotes, in the traditional sense. Instead of approaching this from a retail standpoint, we've always been more comfortable entering into a web provider agreement as if it were a marriage, not an affair. We don't see you as a customer. We see you as a fellow entrepreneur who's just trying to make a buck. It's a dog eat dog world. We don't want to see our clients wearing Milk Bone underwear.

We don't try to 'sell you' on things. It is more like we assist you in exploring all your options with our first stop being a brief look at the Open Source possibilities for building your dream web site. We don't see ourselves as vendors. Rather, we work with you, not for you. We treat you as our partner in business; the way that we would treat an employer. We combine knowledge, experience, common sense as well as good old-fashioned imagination and ingenuity in the creation of your web presence.

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