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Sun Cobalt RaQ4i

Buy it now for just $495.00 USD
(UPS Ground: +$35.00)

In addition to this solid hardware foundation, the RaQ4i provides comprehensive software features including: Linux 2.2 multitasking operating system (with an easy-to-use GUI for inexperienced Linux users); Apache 1.3.6 web server; CGI support; Perl Scripting; SMTP, IMAP4, POP3, and APOP email protocol support; FTP and anonymous FTP access; Telnet access; and 56-bit SSL security. The RaQ4i also provides extensive system management capabilities including: SSL support for secure administration; SNMP management support; browser-based setup, management, backup and restore utilities, and software upgrades; and online support with COBALT Network's ActiveAssist and ActiveMonitor maintenance agents. The RaQ4i is also rolling in powerful development functionality like Active Server Pages and PHP, which means that the RaQ4i supports virtually every Web development environment out there - meaning that you get to choose the tools and technologies that best fits your skills. In addition, the RaQ has a powerful database to enable more dynamic, business critical applications to be deployed.

WebGuy has these units available value priced at $495.00. Your heard us right. A powerful and feature rich web appliance for less than $500! There is no need to know any HTML, perl, CGI or any other programming to operate a WebGuy refurbished RaQ server. They come in any type of configuration you want. Our special this month is a RaQ4r with a 450Mhz AMD processor, 256MB RAM, 2x20GB hard drive (a ton of space for one site) two network adapters, 2 serial ports, 1 scsi interface and two USB ports.

Normally $650, this unit is preloaded with the most up to date Sun Cobalt Linux Operating System, MySQL v3.23.54, OpenSSH v3.7.1, PHP v4.3.8, Apache web server, Microsoft Front Page extensions, WebMail, Spam Protection and more.

only $495.00

Last Updated ( Friday, 24 February 2006 )
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