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Until recently, WebGuy Internet Solutions did web hosting, email service and other bandwidth consuming services.

Due to an onslaught of Unsolicited Commercial Email, UCE or "spam", WebGuy.net has literally been destroyed by spammers.

1997 - WebGuy begins investigating unsolicited bulk email (UBE)
1998 - Begins using CallerIDMailâ„¢
2000 - Invents FilterKey technology
2001 - Begins filming documentary "Just Hit Delete"
2003 - Launches OptOutByDomain and the OptOut1 Network.
2004 - Launches SUEaSpammer.com and files 3 'text book' spam lawsuits.
2005 - Mark Mumma and MummaGraphics, Inc. get sued for defamation of character by alleged spammers.
2006 - WebGuy loses his case with Cruise.com. The judge found that the UCE wasn't spam because someone besides Mumma signed him up.
2007 - WebGuy loses defamation case and faces a Jury award to the alleged spammers in excess of $2 Million. Although a judge later reduced this amount to $330,000.00, Mumma is still receiving alleged spam from the alleged spammers to this day.


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