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Do you hate the phone companies? I mean do you just CRINGE each month when you write that big check?

Ever thought about being YOUR OWN telephone company? WebGuy can show you how with CoolPBX! Be your own telephone company!

What is a PBX?

Image Simply put, PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange. This is another phrase for Telephone Switch, or Switchboard.

You know when you call those big companies with the telephone menus? A PBX is behind them. Some telephone menus are difficult to navigate while others are not. What makes a good phone menu different from a bad one? Luckily we know the answers to those questions here at WebGuy Communications.

WebGuy can help your small business close the credibility gap and sound just like the Fortune 500 companies. We can get voice talent that matches the other prompts for a seamless and professional sounding automated telephone switchboard.

A PBX is a Computer

Image A Cool PBX is, for all practical purposes, just another computer. Cool PBX, however, requires a dedicated computer in order to function at optimal levels. We can provide you the hardware for your Cool PBX or you can supply your own.

WebGuy supplied PBX hardware comes with a 12 month replacement warranty. We can extend that warranty for you if you like.

Cool PBX works with your existing phones

There is no need to replace your current telephones with Cool PBX as long as they are not part of a proprietary Key Telephone System. Plain old single or multi line telephones that plug straight into the Public Telephone Switching Network will also plug straight into the Cool Little Boxes used to connect your telephone equipment to the PBX.

Having your own PBX frees your time to do other things. Instead of giving directions to a customer yourself, make directions to your office or showroom a menu option. Instead of telling people your postal address and other contact info, you can transfer them to an automated attendant that can handle this repeat tasks for you.

Automate your business! Let Cool PBX simplify your work week!

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