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WebGuy does computer upgrades!

These are the standard rates WebGuy charges for computer upgrade and related services. Our prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing below does not include parts other than backup media.

Here are our typical labor charges:

  Dweeb Team Virus/Adware Scan $125 - Protect your computer for a whole year!
$ 85 - Protect your computer for six months.
$ 65 - Protect your computer for 90 days
$ 45 - Protect your computer for 30 days.
  Diagnostic (problem discovery) $35 flat-rate**
  Reg. Service/Support $75/hr
  RUSH Service/Support (SAME DAY) $95/hr (Holiday - $125/hr)
  On Site Service/Support $125/trip (incl. first hour - 1 hour minimum charge)
  Legacy Service/Support (Win.31,95, Mac OS 7.6.1 and lower) $85/hr
  Backup to CD-R $15 per CD-R (flat-rate)
  Backup to DVD-R $35 per DVD-R (flat-rate)
  Data Transfer (Small) $40 flat-rate for 1MB-3.99GB
  Data Transfer (Large) $65 flat-rate for 4GB-16GB
  Data Backup (or Recovery) $125/hr.
  Floppy Data Recovery $5 per floppy (flat-rate)
  Virus Removal $50/hr.
  Hardware install/PC Upgrade $50/hr. (minimum 1/2 hr.)
  Ethernet Card Install Free (standard install only)
  Operating System Install 1 hr. ($50)
  Application Install 1/2hr. ($25)
  Driver Install 1/2hr. ($25)
  System Tune-Up (run tools) 1/2hr. ($25)
  ISP Configuration 1/2hr. ($25) - ISP documentation required

Payment Options

  Cash or check (made payable to WebGuy)
  Credit Cards accepted

** Diagnostic fee is included in the first hour of labor. Customers are responsible for diagnostic fee if they elect not to have WebGuy Communications repair the equipment or if equipment is unable to be repaired.

Last Updated ( Monday, 03 August 2009 )
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