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Have you experienced a recent hard drive crash? If your hard drive crashes and it contains the ONLY copy of your vital and critical data, how are you going to go on without it? Have you made a recent backup of your data? Do you even have hard copies of everything? Most of us do not take the neccessary precautions to backup our data and secure our computers.

Why is it so expensive? Watch this video for the answer.

Sure the hardware is under warranty. But a computer warranty does not cover the precious and sometimes sensitive data on our hard drives. It only covers the hard drive itself. But, you may be surprised to know that the hard drive "hardware" doesn’t often go bad when you expreience data loss. The hard drive mechanism itself is usually not broken or otherwise malfunctioning and is often not to blame at all for hard drive crashes. Oddly enough it is usually the Operating System or user error that results in catastrophic data loss.

If your hard drive has crashed, don’t panic. Simply turn off the computer and do not use it until the hard drive has been safely removed, sent off to us, recovered and sent back to you. Complete instructions for the removal of your hard drive is coming soon.

Our rates are among the best in the business.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 10 September 2009 )
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