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Setting up WebGuy CallerIDMail 2.0 PDF Print E-mail
Trying to set up WebGuy CallerID Mail 2.0 up on Outlook? Take a look at this quick tutorial...

Step 1: Get your Login Credentials

Get your login credentials and start page from your email administrator (normally someone in your office has been designated as the administrator). Your Start page will be something like "http://start.yourdomain.com/". (Notice that there is no "www" in this address.)

Step 2: Login and Set up your new Inbox

Login to your new inbox. You will be asked to change your password. WRITE THE NEW ONE DOWN and tape it to the bottom of your keyboard for safe keeping. (or simply cut out and tape your login instructions to your keyboard) Just remember to write down your new password on your sign in instructions page.

Step 3: Configure OutLook/Thunderbird (optional)

Once logged into your new inbox, click the "Settings" link and follow these steps:
  • Click the Forwarding and POP tab in the Yellow "Setting" bar.
  • Make sure Disable Forwarding is checked.
  • Select Enable POP for all Email in POP setting #1.
  • Select Archive your copy from the pulldown menu in POP setting #2.
  • Click Save Changes.
To configure your email client, go here.

Note: If you don't know which email client you use. Start it up. Then click Help and About....

Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 March 2008 )
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