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Your PC CAN run fast again!

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Image If your PC is running slow, or won't boot at all, it is probably due to viruses, spyware or adware that you don't even know are there. What's worse, if you already have an anti-virus application, you may be victim of a false sense of security.

Running only one anti-virus program IS NOT ENOUGH to catch all infections.

We will run a Dweeb Team Hardware/Virus/Adware scan utilizing five or more anti-spyware programs to detect millions of different types of problems and automatically correct the vast majority of them. If your PC is running at a snail's pace, WebGuy can scan and remove viruses, adware and spyware you don't realize are there.

WebGuy, the head Dweeb in the team is located in Oklahoma City. He can seriously improve your computer's performance by running an overnight scan on it. He will rid you of adware, spyware and viruses your existing anti-virus software missed! What's more, if your PC starts running slowly again within a year of your Dweeb Team scan, we'll re-run the scan for FREE!

You will also be alerted to any hardware problems that may be on the horizon.

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